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ASEA Replay Training Page

Weekly recurring zoom call for associates: 

Fred’s team call Thursday’s 3 pm EST 347 347 5000
password: 1999

Dr. Carolyn Hoffman's Team call Thursday’s

12:30 am EST 434 434 1000 password: welcome


Question & Answer Saturday’s 9:30 am EST
301 100 1000 password: gift
Dr. Silverman

One of the most powerful way’s to introducing potential clients to
ASEA are the following zoom calls:

Dr. Silverman’s Testimonials

Followed by Q&A Monday’s 8:30 am EST
301 100 1000 password: gift

Dr. Silverman's Presentation

Question & Answer Tuesday’s 8:00 pm EST
301 100 1000 password: gift
Dr. Hoffman

3 ways to introduce potential clients to Area:

1) Invite to a live call: 
Dr. Silverman or Dr. Carolyn Hoffman -
2 weekly call times posted above and flyers are listed on your website.

(I would suggest familiarizing yourself with these calls
by attending one before inviting customers or potentials)

2) Invite to a private zoom call and do a screen share of your 123redox website

  a) Share Dr. Silverman’s 10 minute “Why It’s Possible” then share 7 minute "Real Redox Results Overview" and an appropriate testimonial by clicking on real redox results.

  b) At this point they’re either ready to try the product - with ASEA’s 30 day empty bottle money back guarantee - or they need more information in which case a private zoom call with an upline or Live Monday or Tuesday Redox Presentation.

(Carolyn, Dr. Silverman, Buffy or Fred have expressed their desire to help with this)

3) Send a link to an appropriate testimonial video (from Real Redox Results)
click the URL that appears in the search engine when on the testimonial page;
copy and paste, and send with the password (redox). 

It’s a good idea ask permission to send them a short testimonial, at which time,
schedule an appointment to follow-up.

April 4, 2022 - Part 1
ASEA Product / Tech Training

April 7, 2022 - Part 2
ASEA Product / Tech Training

April 14, 2022
Dr. Silverman Team
Comp. Planning Training

April 14, 2022
ASEA Product
Tech Training

ASEA Connect App Training

April 28, 2022
NEW Produce Training
Cell Performance / Skincare System

May 3, 2022
NEW Produce Training
Cell Performance / Skincare System

May 6, 2022
Associate Training

May 12, 2022
Associate Training

May 19, 2022
Associate Training

May 26, 2022
Associate Training

June 16, 2022
Associate Training

June 23, 2022
Coming Soon

June 1, 2022
Associate Training

June 9, 2022
Associate Training